Types of Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish are tough and hardy freshwater fish. Since they originated in rice paddies & murky puddles their systems are unique. They have what we call as Labyrinth Organ, it is their unique respiratory organ. When they are young, they breathe through their undeveloped gills when when they reach adulthood the get oxygen through their lung-like organ. That is why they need to go on top of the water to get some oxygen to breathe like what other mammals do.

Many people think that this is a very attractive pet to bring at home. They have unique behavior, awesome colors and entertaining tricks in the water.

What most people don’t know is ‘how to properly chose a betta fish tanks that suits the needs of your fish as well as an owner. Although they can live and survive even in a very small amount of water but they would be very happy if they’ve got bigger space to roam around. Other people heard this myth that they should be placed in a tiny little bowl and I think it’s unacceptable for them. They need bigger space to keep them healthy and live longer. We don’t only have to think about their survival but their well-being.

Do’s & Don’ts

They need to keep their water warm since they are a freshwater fish. They need at least a gallon of water but if you can provide them a bigger size tank it would be great to allow them more freedom of movement. You should know that male bettas are very active and tend to be very territorial towards other bettas.

Do some research or observe the behavior of your betta if you plan to put male & female in one tank. Putting 2 males in one tank is a perfect recipe of violence & disaster so you need to avoid that from happening.

If possible provide them some live plants in their tanks. Make it look like it’s their natural environment. You can also have an addition or some rocks and other things.

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