betta fish aquarium and tanks

Aquariums and Tanks

If you want to have colorful fishes pet at home then you need to buy an aquarium. It is usually a container / bowl made of glass where you can put a diverse types of fish and aquatic plants. When you buy an aquarium for the first time, you need to consider several factors such as design, size & additional features. Some aquarium owners have some corals inside to make it more attractive. However taking care of corals requires much work compared to having just betta fish in your tank.

Ideally, an aquarium for betta fish should have 1 male and 2 or 3 female betta fishes. They are described as fighters but they are friendly, harmless and peaceful type of fish. You can keep other non-aggressive fishes in the container so they can get a good & friendly companion.

The good aquarium

betta fish aquarium and tanksA good aquarium for your betta fish must have 5 to 10 gallons which have special fixtures like removal divider & hiding spots. The tank has to have a heater so it could maintain a temperature of 80°F. If you fish is breeding and you have added sand & gravel, their eggs may get loss & damaged when it fall down.

As a fish pet owner, you just have to make sure that they are comfortable to their environment and they are free from any harm. There are tanks that has complexities but that may requires a much of your time in cleaning. Your aquarium/tanks has to be clean on a regular basis so this beautiful marine creatures stay healthy and safe.

Betta fishes & tanks can be a perfect gifts for families & friends giving you pleasure in your spare hours at home. It gives you a sense of responsibility and a strong commitment to keep them at their best. When you watch them play, you’d realize that every stress you have is gone.

Types of Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish are tough and hardy freshwater fish. Since they originated in rice paddies & murky puddles their systems are unique. They have what we call as Labyrinth Organ, it is their unique respiratory organ. When they are young, they breathe through their undeveloped gills when when they reach adulthood the get oxygen through their lung-like organ. That is why they need to go on top of the water to get some oxygen to breathe like what other mammals do.

Many people think that this is a very attractive pet to bring at home. They have unique behavior, awesome colors and entertaining tricks in the water.

What most people don’t know is ‘how to properly chose a betta fish tanks that suits the needs of your fish as well as an owner. Although they can live and survive even in a very small amount of water but they would be very happy if they’ve got bigger space to roam around. Other people heard this myth that they should be placed in a tiny little bowl and I think it’s unacceptable for them. They need bigger space to keep them healthy and live longer. We don’t only have to think about their survival but their well-being.

Do’s & Don’ts

They need to keep their water warm since they are a freshwater fish. They need at least a gallon of water but if you can provide them a bigger size tank it would be great to allow them more freedom of movement. You should know that male bettas are very active and tend to be very territorial towards other bettas.

Do some research or observe the behavior of your betta if you plan to put male & female in one tank. Putting 2 males in one tank is a perfect recipe of violence & disaster so you need to avoid that from happening.

If possible provide them some live plants in their tanks. Make it look like it’s their natural environment. You can also have an addition or some rocks and other things.

Betta Fish Behavior

Betta Fish Behavior

Betta fish, or more commonly known as Siamese Fighting fish, is a popular household aquarium pet mostly because of its bright attractive colors. These fish species are called fighting fish because of their behavior and the history surrounding them. Before the start of the 19th century, the Siams back then found these fish in the wild and observed that when two of the fish fought, one of them would back off when it had had enough. Seeing this, they caught this fish and domesticated it. They then used these fish as objects of gambling, pitting one fish against the other and seeing which fish would back off first. Most of the time, one of the fishes died as a result of the fight.

Betta Fish BehaviorIn modern society, they are still used as a gambling object and a lot of money is involved. But they are also kept as household pets by experienced aquarium keepers. These keepers usually breed them and sell them to potential buyers.

Siamese fighting fish are famous mostly for their behavior. Most of the time, when two males of these fishes are put in the same tank or aquarium, they show aggression for one another. This is almost always fatal when the betta tank is too small as they will try to assert their dominance over the small space. That is why most keepers and owners will separate the two males from each other by putting them in separate tanks or by placing a divider in a single tank.

Even when putting male fishes in their own tanks or compartments, their aggressive behavior still shows when they see their own reflection in the glass. Oftentimes, the male will attack or charge at the reflection until it finally gives in, tired and probably realizing that the reflection was his own.

Aggressive behavior

The aggressive behavior of these fishes is not always present and it is possible to put multiple fishes in the same tank provided that the tank is large enough. When the tank is large enough, one can put a fair number of males and females in the tank without the risk of the fishes killing each other.

A most notable behavior of these fishes is their ability to flare their gill covers in an impressive display of colors. This is to either intimidate rivals or to attract a mate, much like other animals. This is not always the case though as they can flare up their gill covers indicating that they are either startled or stressed by a sudden change in their environment.

Not only do they flare up their gill covers. They also change color and show their stripes indicating that they are willing to mate and breed though this is exclusive to the females.

Like most other fishes, Betta fish will respond to the presence of humans and sometimes can even be trained by them with cues and stimuli. When feeding, for example, the owner can wade his hand on the water surface signaling the fish that it is time to feed. Betta fish are also very curious, sometimes observing the humans during their daily activities.

Buying Betta Fish Tank

Things to consider with Buying a Betta Fish Tank

One of the best character has is its low maintenance quality. So it’s easy to keep them at home. They can breath on atmospheric oxygen so basically they can survive even in a very low volume of water. But there are a number of consideration when deciding to purchase a new aquarium / tank for your betta fish.

Buying Betta Fish TankAdequate Size

If they had to, a betta fish can survive even in a very small bowl but it seems life may not be so fulfilling if that’s the case. If they live in a very small tank, changes in temperature is rapid and extreme. It may get so hot or cool so easily so in the long run, adjusting may be laborious for them. As a general rule, an adult betta is equal to a gallon of water tank size. Of course, you can provide a bigger tank for bigger room for your betta to enjoy and happy in their new habitat.

Tight Fitting Cover

Let’s not take a chance on this. Betta may not be a good jumper but believe me they too can jump from the tank. To minimize this type of risk or possible injuries, make sure to have your tank cover hold tightly. But be sure to give some them some air by leaving a space between the water surface and the cover.

Excellent Water Quality

Clean water is a must for betta fish and any other fish. This means that on a regular basis, cleaning up your tank for some debris is crucial. A good practice when replacing with new water is by fraction. Perhaps today 30-50% of tank water is removed and replaced. It would be best to match the new water temperature with the new ones.

Warm Temperatures

A gold fish can thrive in cold waters but betta fish are accustom to warm water. They are very tropical type of fish. In their natural habitat in South East Asia, they rarely experience temperature falling down to 76F. So you should aim to maintain the water temperature at an average level.