Things to consider with Buying a Betta Fish Tank

One of the best character has is its low maintenance quality. So it’s easy to keep them at home. They can breath on atmospheric oxygen so basically they can survive even in a very low volume of water. But there are a number of consideration when deciding to purchase a new aquarium / tank for your betta fish.

Buying Betta Fish TankAdequate Size

If they had to, a betta fish can survive even in a very small bowl but it seems life may not be so fulfilling if that’s the case. If they live in a very small tank, changes in temperature is rapid and extreme. It may get so hot or cool so easily so in the long run, adjusting may be laborious for them. As a general rule, an adult betta is equal to a gallon of water tank size. Of course, you can provide a bigger tank for bigger room for your betta to enjoy and happy in their new habitat.

Tight Fitting Cover

Let’s not take a chance on this. Betta may not be a good jumper but believe me they too can jump from the tank. To minimize this type of risk or possible injuries, make sure to have your tank cover hold tightly. But be sure to give some them some air by leaving a space between the water surface and the cover.

Excellent Water Quality

Clean water is a must for betta fish and any other fish. This means that on a regular basis, cleaning up your tank for some debris is crucial. A good practice when replacing with new water is by fraction. Perhaps today 30-50% of tank water is removed and replaced. It would be best to match the new water temperature with the new ones.

Warm Temperatures

A gold fish can thrive in cold waters but betta fish are accustom to warm water. They are very tropical type of fish. In their natural habitat in South East Asia, they rarely experience temperature falling down to 76F. So you should aim to maintain the water temperature at an average level.

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