Aquariums and Tanks

If you want to have colorful fishes pet at home then you need to buy an aquarium. It is usually a container / bowl made of glass where you can put a diverse types of fish and aquatic plants. When you buy an aquarium for the first time, you need to consider several factors such as design, size & additional features. Some aquarium owners have some corals inside to make it more attractive. However taking care of corals requires much work compared to having just betta fish in your tank.

Ideally, an aquarium for betta fish should have 1 male and 2 or 3 female betta fishes. They are described as fighters but they are friendly, harmless and peaceful type of fish. You can keep other non-aggressive fishes in the container so they can get a good & friendly companion.

The good aquarium

betta fish aquarium and tanksA good aquarium for your betta fish must have 5 to 10 gallons which have special fixtures like removal divider & hiding spots. The tank has to have a heater so it could maintain a temperature of 80°F. If you fish is breeding and you have added sand & gravel, their eggs may get loss & damaged when it fall down.

As a fish pet owner, you just have to make sure that they are comfortable to their environment and they are free from any harm. There are tanks that has complexities but that may requires a much of your time in cleaning. Your aquarium/tanks has to be clean on a regular basis so this beautiful marine creatures stay healthy and safe.

Betta fishes & tanks can be a perfect gifts for families & friends giving you pleasure in your spare hours at home. It gives you a sense of responsibility and a strong commitment to keep them at their best. When you watch them play, you’d realize that every stress you have is gone.

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