Betta fish care

Betta fish care

Siamese or Betta Fish are among the most popular fish in the world. You don’t need too much attention in taking care of your betta fish thus it is oftenly tagged maintenance free fish. That is why most people who have great desire on fish but too busy would resort to betta fish.

Get your new aquatic pet well-introduced to your family so they get comfortable and affection. This way your pet fish will get used too quickly and adapt the new environment. It is one of many things you need to do in providing the best care for your betta fish.

Make sure that your fish tank or container is large & spacious enough so they could freely swim over the entire surface of your aquarium. The primary reason why you should avoid placing them in small container is that their fins may get busted, bumped and get injured. Placing them in big container allows them to conveniently breathe with enough oxygen available for their respiration process.

You also need to make sure that the water poured in your container is clean and free from any impurity. Clean water helps in their proper growth and development but unclean tank & water have negative effects to their health and growth. Don’t allow water contamination in your fish aquarium because it may lead to bacterial growth causing to fungus infection to your betta fish. Water has to be kept fresh can clean and to do that you need to change the water every 3 or 4 days. Clean water mentioned here don’t refer to filtered water.

Betta fish care

Betta fish loves to be alone in their tank and if you have additions you need to make sure that your tank is wide enough your you have a separate tank for your next sets of fish pets. This type of fish may fight each other if they can’t get along very well and it may cause deaths if situation like this occur.

As a fish owner, you have to make sure that the pH concentration in the tank is at 7. Make sure that everything inside your vessel is not harmful for your betta fish because they can easily get attractive to some colorful stones you placed on your tank.

Do Betta Fish Like Light?

The answer would be Yes or No. Confused? Let me give you a short explanation. A betta fish likes a schedule, regular light and dark period. It allows then to get into a normal sleeping pattern. It’s like human. We prefers to have light to wake up and darker environment when we sleep. When the sun is up, switch on your aquarium light and let them sleep in the dark at night. There are some lights that that has a timer that will automatically switch on and off at a scheduled times.

Do you think Betta Fish Like Sun Light?

It would not be a good idea to keep your betta fish in a direct sunlight exposure because it may heat up the water leading to an unstable environment. It may overheat the tank and could lead to betta fish illness. Direct sunlight exposure means an excess growth of algae. Thus resulting to a dirty acquarium / tank needing you to clean too often. A clean abode for your betta fish means a healthy dwellers.

Betta Fish Colors

Betta fish come in several colors / combination of colors. The most common are reds, blues and greens betta fish. There are those with unique color combination.